By Peter_WT, 16 March, 2023

What is the best wine to match with morels? A white Sangiovese wine from Italy worked pretty well.

By Peter_WT, 6 March, 2023

The Torres family is one of the most revered in the wine world. I first came across Torres as an undergraduate at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. The college wine tasting took us through the various Torres wines from Viña Esmeralda and Sangre de Toro to much more elaborate wines.

By Peter_WT, 6 March, 2023

Excellent rosé from Menetou-Salon, a small village at the eaatern end of the Loire valley. This wine was subtle and well balanced, with fruity strawberry and pear flavours. 

The wine is made from Pinot Noir grapes, as are many of the red wines in this small but sophisticated appellation. Like nearby Sancerre, it also produces some crisp dry white wines.

This rosé was from Domaine Pellé and we bouhht it at the La Borne pottery village nearby.

By Peter_WT, 5 March, 2023

We had this red wine from Corbières at The Warren, a restaurant in Tunbridge Wells. 

By Peter_WT, 4 March, 2023

Aldi has always had the occasional wine gem and last week I stumbled on their white Pinot Noir from Oregon. It was a bit more expensive than their usual wines (£12.50) but that's still about half the price of most wines from Oregon in the UK, and there aren't many of those. So I snapped this one up and it didn't disappoint.

By Peter_WT, 4 March, 2023

We had a great meal at New College Oxford with our son who is studying there. It reminded me of the meals at Emmanuel College. We had a crabcake salad, then lamb on the bone, and lots of good wine. When I waa studying, which was more than 40 years ago, the wine would be served from the college cellars. Nowadays, this seems to be reserved fkr top table only.

By Peter_WT, 4 March, 2023

This Sicilian wine is a blend of Frappato grapes, a local varietal, and the classic Syrah. The wine has flavours of cherry with subtle notes of liquorice, cedar and thyme. Quite a successful experiment. The wine packaging is also innovative with the label printed on a white paper wrap rather than the usual adhesive rectangle.

Sicilian wine from Frappato and Syrah grapes