Menetou-Salon rosé

By Peter_WT, 6 March, 2023
Menetou-Salon rosé from Domaine Pellé

Excellent rosé from Menetou-Salon, a small village at the eaatern end of the Loire valley. This wine was subtle and well balanced, with fruity strawberry and pear flavours. 

The wine is made from Pinot Noir grapes, as are many of the red wines in this small but sophisticated appellation. Like nearby Sancerre, it also produces some crisp dry white wines.

This rosé was from Domaine Pellé and we bouhht it at the La Borne pottery village nearby.

Domaine Pellé wine label. Menetou-Salon rosé.




2 months 3 weeks ago

I tried this and also thought it was delicious!